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This page contains the case study of Tabungan Wisata Admin project which includes the Project Overview, Tools Used and Live Links to the official product.

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Project Overview

This project is the development of a comprehensive admin dashboard for a travel agency. This dashboard is designed to facilitate efficient and centralized management of various aspects of the travel agency business, including tour and event management, customer management, transaction management, analytics, reporting, and content management. With comprehensive and integrated features, this admin dashboard offers a powerful solution to optimize operations and provide an optimal user experience for the travel agency management.

Points that can be explained:

  1. Tour and Event Management:
    • Features for creating, organizing, and updating details of tours and events offered by the travel agency.
    • Ability to schedule, price, participant quotas, and other information related to tours and events.
  2. Customer Management:
    • System for managing customer data, including profiles and booking history.
  3. Transaction Management:
    • Centralized management of bookings and ticket or tour package purchases.
    • Ability to track booking status and process payments.
    • Integration with third-party payment gateways to facilitate secure transactions.
  4. Analysis and Reporting:
    • Analytical dashboard displaying key business performance metrics in informative data visualizations.
    • Ability to generate sales, revenue, and other statistics reports.
    • Feature to export data in various formats for further analysis.
  5. Content Management:
    • Integrated content management system to manage website information and promotional materials for the travel agency.
    • Ability to create, edit, and publish content dynamically.
  6. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC):
    • Implementation of strict authorization and access control system based on user roles and permissions.
    • Ability to define roles with varying levels of access according to organizational needs.
    • Ensuring data security and privacy by limiting access only to authorized users.
  7. Flexible API Endpoints:
    • Development of API endpoints allowing integration with external systems or third-party applications.
    • Ability to perform filtering, sorting, and pagination of data through API endpoints.
    • Comprehensive API documentation to facilitate further development and integration.

Tools Used

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