Tabungan Wisata Dashboard

This page contains the case study of Tabungan Wisata Dashboard project which includes the Project Overview, Tools Used and Live Links to the official product.

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Project Overview

This project is a comprehensive user dashboard for a travel agency. The dashboard offers various features designed to enhance the user experience and provide greater control over their travel activities.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Top Up: Users can easily top up their account balances through integrated payment methods with the Midtrans payment gateway. This provides a smooth and secure experience for financial transactions.
  • Balance and Transaction Management: The dashboard provides clear visibility into account balances and user transaction history. Users can easily track their expenditures and monitor their balance progress.
  • Real-time Notifications: By integrating WebSocket technology, this dashboard allows users to receive real-time notifications about their account activities, travel updates, and other important information.
  • Progressive Web App: The application is built using the Progressive Web App (PWA) concept, allowing it to function like a native app on mobile devices, providing a more responsive and immersive experience.

During the development process of this project, there were several challenges to overcome and valuable lessons learned:

  • WebSocket Integration: Implementing WebSocket to support real-time notifications required a deep understanding of two-way communication between the server and client, as well as efficient connection management.
  • Transaction Security: Ensuring the security of financial transactions was a top priority. Implementing data encryption, payment verification, and proper error handling were learned and applied to maintain the integrity and security of the system.
  • Authentication and Authorization: Implementing secure authentication and authorization mechanisms was key to protecting user data and preventing unauthorized access. Techniques such as password encryption, session management, and role-based authorization were learned and properly implemented.
  • Data Precision and Accuracy: In the context of financial transactions and travel management, data accuracy is crucial. Learning about proper data handling, input validation, and error management was done to ensure data integrity.

Tools Used

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